Seeking feedback on proposed Dollar General

SOCA is working with business owners and neighborhood association partners to collect feedback on a proposed redevelopment project along the 900 block of West Saginaw Street. The project, being proposed by Midwest Property Development of Spring Lake, Michigan, would include demolishing three structures and the constructing a  Dollar General store and 27 parking spaces.

On 09/22/2015, Rory Neuner, Consultant to SOCA, attended a meeting hosted by the Ingham County Land Bank (ICLB) regarding this project. To help you understand the project, here are our notes:

Also in attendance were Jeff Burdick (ICLB), Carol Wood (Lansing City Council / Genesee Neighborhood), Chuck Hallman (Genesee Neighborhood), Jessica Yorko (Lansing City Council), Kevin Skiba (Saginaw Street property owner), Rawley Van Fossen (ICLB), and Peter Oleszczuk, Vice President of Midwest Property Development.

Dollar General Rendering 1Mr. Oleszczuk presented several documents (click here for the site plan and aerial image) and two potential renderings of the site (including the one pictured above). The proposal is to tear down three buildings along Saginaw to build a 7500 sq. ft. Dollar General and approximately 27 parking spaces. This will be for a “regular Dollar General on a smaller footprint”. Midwest Property Development is the developer and proposed owner.

The store would have basic packaged foods but no fresh food. It would also sell health items, automotive, basic household items, and some clothing and shoes. The developer was unsure whether Dollar General intends to sell beer, wine, or liquor.

Currently, privately held properties in the area in question are under contract with Midwest Property Development. Now the developer is waiting on the Land Bank Board to vote on whether or not to sell their property at 923 West Saginaw. The goal of the meeting was to answer questions in advance of the Land Bank Board meeting on Oct 5th (5pm at the Ingham County Human Services Building), as any sales for non-residential property must be approved by the Land Bank Board.
Do you have opinions on this proposed project? Please tell us what you think by emailing us at, or by visiting our Facebook page. SOCA will be sure to pass along this feedback to the Ingham County Land Bank at its October 5th meeting.