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SOCA represents business owners on and near the Saginaw Street and Oakland corridor, including those located in Lansing’s Westside, and near north and near west of Downtown. Our boundaries are defined by Stanley Street to the west, Shiawassee Street to the south, Pennsylvania Avenue to the east, and Maple Street to the north.

201503_SOCA Territory Map-01

To learn more about the territory, take a look at¬†SOCA’s 2015¬†Demographic Profile.


The Saginaw Oakland Commercial Association (SOCA) is a non-profit organization that brings together business owners and neighborhood partners to support the revitalization of the Saginaw Street and Oakland Avenue corridors in Lansing. SOCA engages its members through partnerships, projects, and events that promote economic development and placemaking.


The Saginaw Street and Oakland Avenue corridor is the east-west backbone of Lansing, and home to a vibrant mix of businesses and neighborhood organizations. Our business members and neighborhood partners are engaged in our work to revitalize Saginaw and Oakland from Pennsylvania Avenue to the Point. We are working together to create a commercial district that reflects the rich diversity and history of our community.

Emily Dievendorf, Program Director
emily@socalansing.org, 517-410-9179

MC Rothhorn, Downtown Neighborhood, President
Joseph Duris, Old Oakland Neighborhood, Vice President
Julie Powers, Greater Lansing Housing Coalition, Treasurer
Danielle Casavant, Westside Neighborhood, Secretary
Paul Schmidt, Uno Deuce Multimedia, Director
Caryn Coyle, Westside Neighborhood, Director
Rodney Lambert, 2Bit Inc., Director
Patricia Leyser, Rathbun Insurance, Director

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